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Cross Country Run Results

Iona Academy’s Top Ten Runners

Starting bottom left:

Row 1: Elliott Chisholm, Grade 6: 2nd; Ben Stadelmann, Grade 7: 2nd; Jackson Chisholm, Grade 8: 1st

Row 2: Olivia Stadelmann, Grade 4: 2nd; Hailey McDonald, Grade 3: 1st; Lochlyn McMillan, Grade 3: 10th, Connor Giroux, Grade 3: 6th; Courtney St.Onge, Grade 7: 5th

Row 3: Marcus Hagen, Grade 4: 4th; Owen McMillan, Grade 5: 5th; Mya Stadelmann, Grade 3: 2nd; Payton Bell, Grade 3, 6th

Row 4: Anthony Hagen, Grade 2: 6th; Darren Le Tallec, Grade 2: 7th

To see all top ten results as well as team results for each grade, please click on the link below. 

Cross Country Results 2017

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